Time Travelers By Moses Kofi

Analog Portraits of the Last Analogue Generation is a sculptural exercise in portraiture.

To put it in the artist’ s own words:
“It’s an exploration at this point. To put it simply: We are the only analog/digital generation. We are the time travelers. If we look at time not as linear, but as spatial, our generation is the only one to live through the advent of the beginning of the web. An organism we have yet to fully understand, if ever. Yet one we have inadvertently created. This is comparable to the transition to the written word or the printing press. Only on a much larger and broader scale. Because it is not just limited to verbal information it’s all information.”

Opening Reception
Date: March 20th
Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm

The exhibition will run from March 20th to April 3rd.
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